Dustin Secrest

Dustin Secrest



10+ years of CrossFit

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

My fitness journey revolves around people. Whether playing sports or working out at 5am on a weekday, I am challenged to do hard things, to be committed, when others are around. Many of my successes and failures are directly related to doing things in community vs. doing them alone. This is why I love the type of fitness offered at Black Goat. We work hard together.

Turning Point

There was a serious lack of discipline in my life. It wasn't limited to fitness and nutrition, but those were certainly lacking. Fitness — helped me so much in understanding the need and increasing the desire for discipline. Learning to live with discipline is an ongoing journey. There is no finish line. There are so many rewards on the journey to living healthy. I plan to continue on this journey, getting better along the way.

Motivation & Passion

After the 10+ years of being in a coach-led fitness setting, I wanted to coach. I've been helped so much by great coaching over the years. My hope is to be able to help others on their journey. My hope is to continue learning how to offer value to everyone that I have the opportunity to coach and to help them succeed in reaching their goals.

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