Laurie Martinchuk

Laurie Martinchuk

Coach; MOTR/L

1 RM Snatch #110 1 RM Clean #150 Ran 6mi under an hour .... show up each day with a focus on something to improve.


CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer

Masters in Occupational Therapy from Eastern Washington University.

About Coach

I have many memories of doing "gymnastics" in my living room as a kid but growing up never considered myself athletic. Through high school, I pursued music and competed in Texas-style fiddling around the northwest. I always wanted to be athletic and look athletic and one day I realized it was not just going to happen, I had to pursue it. I have been pursuing it for about 6 years and continuing to learn how to love the journey!

Turning Point

Throughout my life, I have had great examples of how to intentionally grow and always learn. I want to always be enhancing myself and how I show up as an occupational therapist for my patients and also as a coach for my clients. My turning points have happened when I realize I am saying no to an opportunity out of fear or because it will take me out of my comfort zone. Fear is not going to be my reason for staying the same and limiting my personal and professional growth.

Motivation & Passion

My journey to functional fitness has instilled in me how invaluable movement, muscle, and capacity is to our ability to do what we want to do. It does not matter where we start, if we stop progressing and showing up then we have lost what potential there could be. My passion is giving anyone the tools they need to progress in their capabilities even if it looks different from other people.

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