Pregnancy/Postpartum Exercise Specialist


3:00 Grace

155lbs Clean and Jerk

245lbs Deadlift

6:24 Mile

115lbs Snatch

No major injuries throughout my fitness career!



Pregnancy/Postpartum Exercise Specialist (PCES)




About Coach

I fell into coaching after doing Cross Training for about 2 years. I started with my L1 and after coaching a women class started getting involved in nutrition and core/pelvic floor function. I've gotten deeper into using exercise to have healthy and safe pregnancies/birth and postpartum with each child, I've had three now. Being able to start the Fit as A Mother class has been a huge gift, I've been wanting to start that for a long time to serve the moms in our community. It's been an honor to continue getting certifications and take classes to keep learning and growing as a coach. There is no “there” as a coach, and I like to remain a student.

Turning Point

Getting sober, finding God and cleaning up my life was a huge turning point, it led me to fitness and to Black Goat which has such an amazing community that supports the lifestyle I choose to live. Having leadership guided by some of the same principles that I live by has been such a blessing and has taken me a long time to find. Community and fitness are essential to helping me grow spiritually and mentally, not just physically.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to serve people, lift them, and show them that they are strong and capable. I've found so much joy in connecting with clients and watching them discover their gifts as an athlete and then celebrate their wins and accomplishments with them. I know what it's like to be a beginner, and the level of courage it takes to walk thru the door and be new or to be starting over as an athlete, having coaches that motivate you and help you to move safely without making you feel inadequate was huge for me when I started, and I hope to be that for others.

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