Postpartum Recovery. Learn to reconnect with your body during fitness


October 17th - November 14th Monday and Thursday (Except October 31st)


6:00 PM


Black Goat Fitness - Liberty Lake


$160(Members) $199(Guest)

About the Program

Over four weeks we will meet twice a week for one-hour learning how to work out with our bodies as mothers.

We will work on reconnecting to our breath postpartum, learning how to do a self DRA (Diastasis Recti Abdominal) check, and consciously reestablishing functional movement patterns.

This includes going over how to achieve core stability in all exercises, variations for squatting and bodyweight movements, and proper technique for running and jumping.

We will also talk about nutrition for nourishing and supporting our strong bodies. Our goal is to support you as a woman and introduce you into a community of women supporting women.

Plus our small class sizes are taught by women who have not only had babies but are continuously studying and learning how to overcome the challenges of fitness after birth. We are here to get you fit as a mother.

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