Cory Neel

Cory Neel


One Arm Chin Up

Freestanding Parallette

Handstand Push Up

320# Clean

250# Snatch


B.Sc. Exercise Physiology

USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Coach

Master Flexibility Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach

Functional Movement Screen – Level 2 Certified Functional Capacity Screen Certified

About Coach

Originally from southern Indiana, Coach Cory grew up competing in multiple sports, but was most dedicated to wrestling. He competed in wrestling all the way up to the collegiate level while earning his degree in Exercise Physiology. After retiring from wrestling, he quickly transitioned into competing in Fitness and secured a coaching internship at his hometown’s CrossFit affiliate. While there, he worked under and alongside multiple Games athletes. Since then, he has coached over 5,000 classes, worked with companies like Functional Movement Systems, been a flexibility coach for Games athletes, coached at gyms in Thailand and Indonesia, and been a personal trained for a movie star in India. Since he is no longer interested in competing in fitness, he spends most of his time in the gym training calisthenics.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

After a decade in the fitness industry, a lot of Cory’s ideas and beliefs have changed; but one thing that has not changed in his interest in helping people move better. This is why he has invested many thousands of dollars and hours into sharpening his skills as a strength and flexibility coach. He believes that helping people move better – in addition to strength training - is one of the best ways to help people feel better, and perform better, but also to physically prepared them to conquer whatever physical tasks they pursue, or life throws their way.

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