Jerryl Garcia

Jerryl Garcia


Clean and Jerk: 315

Snatch: 245

Sq: 445

Bench: 345

DL: 525

40” Vertical Jump

4.4 40 yd Sprint

I finished a Workout called “King Kong” in Sub 4min one time, and thought that was Awesome


CrossFit Level 1


Sports Performance Coach

CF Aerobic Capacity

Corporate Wellness

Youth Sports/ Movement Prep

About Coach

I was born and raised on the island of Guam. I moved to Phoenix, AZ back in the summer of 2004 and lived in the desert up until two years ago. I’ve always been involved in competitive sports growing up, with basketball being the main focus. I stumbled into CrossFit style training when preparing to try out for Collegiate Basketball. I fell in love with the methodology, and never looked back. I particularly enjoy the process; understanding and creating programming, experimenting with various stimuli for human performance, and developing the building blocks to steer ourselves closer to our goals, etc. I’ve been coaching CrossFit in 2017, and excited to continue to grow as a coach and athlete. Outside of the gym, I love to hang out with my fiancé, family, friends and of course our two crazy puppies!

Turning Point

There are two significant turning points that have largely shaped me and continue to motivate me today. One, being my ... We lost my dad in the Fall of 2018 after a long, nearly two-year battle with Leukemia. Some of my father's last words to me were, “Always risk being happy in life. If this is what you really want to do, take a chance and be one of the best at it”. The second turning point, or rather, reaffirmation is losing one of my good friends to stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the beginning of 2022. It was a reminder that life is short, and we must all take that leap of faith to be happy and enjoy what we are doing each day.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation to coach is simply the love of giving back. This whole community - from Black Goat to all the other communities I’ve been fortunate to be a part of - has blessed me during both high times and low times. Coaching provides the feeling of serving a purpose and giving back to a community that was there for me when I needed it the most. My passion is people. I get a sense of fulfillment when I get the chance to meet clients where they are and take them where they want to be. I love growing with clients through the process of discovering untapped potential that they never knew was within themselves.

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