Stella Olander

Stella Olander


Lover of all things wallballs, barbell cycling, rowing & biking, and BIG weights!


CrossFit Level 1

Burgener Strength/CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1

Burgener Strength Athlete Camp 001


About Coach

I grew up in Liberty Lake as a competitive soccer player and skier. After high school, I joined the rowing team at the University of Washington. After my first year of college, I discovered Black Goat Fitness and have been doing it for over two years now. I have been lucky enough to grow enormously as an athlete, coach, and person since I discovered this sport.

Turning Point

Like a lot of people my age, my life turning point was the COVID pandemic. After going to the University of Washington during COVID, I learned that life is too short to not follow your passions. You should not be suffering during the process of what you think is right, that is a sign that something needs to change. I recently transferred to Eastern Washington University to finish my degree online and pursue my life goal of becoming a firefighter and starting academy. Part of this goal is that I will still be able to work as a coach on my days off!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to give people the skills to have fitness for life. Being fit for your life, is the most important and anyone who wants to put in the work to get better every day is who I am here to serve. I am motivated by my hardest working members, who show up consistently with a good attitude, and a drive to learn something from me every day.

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