Tim Henry

Tim Henry


Deadlift 405


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

18-year Air Force veteran that was medically retired due to injuries sustained during my service. Fitness and gym family kept me out of dark places Mentally and physically. The positive atmosphere of Black Goat has helped me grow and enhances my desire to share fitness with others. Improve the quality of life with sweat and hard work. I hope to be a positive figure for athletes as a coach and make friends along the way.

Turning Point

In 2017 I was retired due to injures of my lungs and back. These injuries ended My career and I felt like I’d lost my purpose. I was suffering from depression and could barely walk without crutches. This went on for about 3 years before my daughter asked me to get healthy, so I started my path of consistent exercise and attempting to become more positive on my outlook on life. In summer of 2021 brought me to Black Goat and a very supportive atmosphere that welcomed me in, no matter how grumpy or unable to perform certain exercises. I slowly became stronger not needing my crutches and on bad days relying “Zeus” to help me around and give me support. This welcoming environment made me want to show and hopefully gift others with the same smiles I was greeted with. I’m not able to coach a lot but the little bit that I do helps me pay back to the community what fitness and “gym family” can do to be inspirational to each other.

Motivation & Passion

As an Adaptive Athlete, I’m passionate about show the members I coach that there is a viable option for almost any injury or disability. It’s about effort and movement to work hard and find a way. Fitness can’t cure disability, but it can improve your life with one.

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