Bridger Williams

Bridger Williams


Squat: 440

Clean 330

Front Squat 360

Max Pull-ups: 50

Mile: 6:17

Karen: 5:13


Been cross training for 10 years.

Coaching for 7

Been with Black Goat for 2!

About Coach

I’ve learned that effort and consistency are 100x more important than skill or talent. I grew up playing baseball and basketball, played basketball in high school, but really latched onto Fitness because all it takes is hard work to get better. I don’t have to be the highest jumper or have the best arm, I just have to try hard.

Turning Point

I think Nike has one of the best slogans. Just do it. It relates directly to the fear that keeps us from trying. Fear can stop us from being who we want to be. By just doing it, we learn that even if we make a mistake we can learn from it. Obviously, this is an ongoing process, but it’s something I try to remember in challenging situations.

Motivation & Passion

I honestly believe I was meant to be a coach. I love connecting with people and pushing them to be better versions of themselves. Not everyone wants to be coached the same way and it is extremely fun learning how to be an effective coach for each athlete. I also love getting to know people and where they come from. Recognizing athletes' goals and helping them achieve them is mutually rewarding!

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